Top 10 Best Restaurants In NYC

Top 10 Best Restaurants In NYC

New York is a city that no dearth of food options. If you are a newbie who has been on tour to the New York City, maybe you would need a handy reckoner for the best restaurants in New York. For a city that has a great list of hotels and eating joints, you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

Best Restaurants In NYC

Best restaurants in NYC – An Updated List

We help you out by listing out the top 10 restaurants in New York City


Managed by the chefs Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Inne, Atla is a much-lauded restaurant. What makes it even more interesting is its ambiance that resembles a truly Mexican style.

It is definitely an upscale option for meeting your foodie cravings. It focusses on healthy and veggie dishes that are more on the casual side. Almost all the dishes come with an affordable price band that is around $ 20.


If crispy and crusty Pizzas are what you want to enjoy, Emily is what you would love the most. In fact, Emily offers you the best Pizza in New York.

Needless to say, the Pizzas from Emily have earned a distinction of being one of the most Instagrammed one in entire New York. You can enjoy varieties of Pizzas with Emily. In addition to Pizza, you can also enjoy Emmy Burger.

Flora Bar

Flora Bar is one of the best-rated seafood joints in New York. Thomas Carter and Ignacio Mattos duo have tasted success with the downtown Estela and Café Altro Paradiso, they ave now set up the worthy seafood spot.

If you fish is your favorite staple, you can indeed go for it. It is both upscale and casual at the same time. The menu features items like a menu featuring the likes of tuna tartare, lobster crudo, and a rutabaga and raclette tart.

Casa Apicii

Casa means home. This gives the theme of the restaurant. Designed like a tiny village cottage, the aesthetic is centered around historic times, with wooden floors and tiny lamps.You will indeed feel the place homelike.

The Restaurant is the brainchild of chef Casey Lane. It features Italian cuisine with Californian accent. You will indeed fall in love with the ambiance.

Le Coucou

French restaurant Le Coucou is all fine dining, offering caviar, quenelles, fish stews and more extravagant options.

Le Coucou

The aesthetic includes steel chandeliers, marble floors, oak wooden tiles, teal wood tiles, and a vaulted ceiling. Lobster, foie gras, and oysters constitute the menu that should leave your mouth watering.

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It is indeed the landmark in New York. Whether you are checking it out for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast – Balthazar is the best that can ever come to you. Balthazar plateaux and Chicken can indeed be the best options you can go with to get used to the taste.

Founded by Restaurateur Keith McNally, it can serve as your everyday restaurant for all your requirements. You can even visit it for special occasions as well.

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Superiority Burger

If you are searching for a Veggie burger joint, your search should end with Superiority Burger in New York. What makes it the best burger joint is the fact that they use the best quality vegetables.

Apart from Burgers, the restaurant also offers you best in class veggie food items. The restaurant is located in the lower Manhattan. If you are interested, you can go for fried Tofu. There are also other vegetable dishes that can be available depending upon seasonal.

Lady Bird

Chef Ravi deRossi’s third venture, Lady Bird, has been defined by him as “A Vegetable and Tapas Bar.

The menu mostly centers around vegetarian food, with a few vegan options as well. Accompanied by bartender Ariel Arse, the restaurant offers a splendid bar spread as well. If you are someone looking for the best vegetarian delight, it can be your best choice.


Bar and restaurant Blacktail is a venture of chefs Sean Madson and Jack McGary.

The restaurant pays homage to Cuban settlers by centering around d Cuban cuisine, with not only period themed dishes, but even period themed drinks. A statue of Cuban independence hero Jose Julian adorns the restaurant, adding to the already Cuban spruced ambiance and menu.

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Bergen Hill

Another venture of Ravi deRossi, Bergen Hill is a partnership of his with Daniel Kessler. The restaurant specializes in seafood and has a dish theme of seafood and vegetables.

 Rossi said the dishes focus on being summery and light, to remind the diner of a bright summer day.

Just a few of the multitude of restaurants situated in New York, make sure you keep a day solely for food hunting.

Is that all? Definitely Not!

Well, that is our representative list of best quality restaurants in New York. For a place that has been well known for the food and foodies, the list comprising just around ten restaurants would appear quite minuscule. But, our attempt has been to make it simple for the tourists who have visited New York for the first time. Once you spend a couple of months in the NYC, you will find yourself immersed in the true foodie culture of the New York City.

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