Best Thanksgiving Day Restaurants in the US

Best Thanksgiving Day Restaurants in the US

Are you into any kind of Thanksgiving plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving day? If you are in the US and have no clue about the restaurants open for Thanksgiving day, we have the best options for you. Though we do not claim to provide a complete list of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving day in the US, we would concentrate on NYC and list out a few good options in the New York City for the Thanksgiving day event. Check out our options for the best Thanksgiving day restaurants in the NYC.

Best Thanksgiving Day Restaurants in the NYC – Enjoy the Best Offers


The Thanksgiving day falls every year on the fourth Thursday of November. This year the day will be celebrated on November, 23. The next day, referred to as Black Friday is celebrated with a host of offers and discounts for the customers. However, our focus today would be on the Thanksgiving day restaurants in NYC, as it forms part of a huge legacy. Thanksgiving day is marked with a good deal of special events. Apart from a host of events and festivities, are looking for the answers to your query on best Thanksgiving dinner to go near me, this post should provide you with the best options you can check in NYC.

#1. Eleven Madison Park

The four-course classic food that works best for family outings. The restaurant was recently renovated and stylishly done.

thanksgiving day restaurants

You can be assured of it being one of the classiest Thanksgiving dinner restaurants in the New York City. It will indeed be a unique experience Thanksgiving buffet. The cost would be around $245 with an optional $135 wine pairing.

#2. Union Square Cafe

If you love Bistros, you need to visit Union Square Cafe. One of the premier Thanksgiving day restaurants in NYC, it if offers you sumptuous Thanksgiving Buffet you will enjoy.


A good deal of appetizers coupled with a four-course classical meal that offers you family side styling. The desserts available include chocolate pecan tart, pumpkin bread pudding, and apple pie. The average cost per serving would be around $ 125.

#3. Le Coq Rico

This Thanksgiving day, if your search is hovering around birds, Le Coq Rico is your best destination. Looking for Turkey dinner near me? Visit this extravagant Thanksgiving day restaurant near you.

This Thanksgiving day, the restaurant has turned its attention to Turkey and Ducks. An exquisite course begins with duck foie gras with cranberry chutney. Isn’t that mouth-watering enough? Then you have a whole stuffed turkey, with red cabbage and butternut squash puree. For dessert, treat yourself almond meringue with praliné ice cream and Meyer lemon sorbet. The average serving costs $ 85.

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#4. The Polo Bar

Located at the Fifth Avenue, The Polo Bar is as classic as American. One of the top quality Thanksgiving restaurants in the NYC, it offers you the best Thanksgiving menu.

The menu includes burgers, crab cakes, and roasted chicken that should leave you drooling just thinking of it. Apart from the regular menu, the Thanksgiving dinner specials include an autumn vegetable salad with roasted winter squash, root vegetables, and Pleasant Ridge cheese. You can also enjoy turkey with maple bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts; sweet potato gratin, pork sausage stuffing, and cranberry-apple chutney. It is indeed one of the best places to eat on Thanksgiving.

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#5. Maialino

If you are fond of Italian food and looking for the best Thanksgiving day treat with Italian delicacies, you definitely ought to give a try to Maialino, one of the best Thanksgiving day restaurants in the US.

Roman trattorias are what form part of the Thanksgiving dinner at this exotic restaurant. It offers you a unique combination of Italian American food. Apart from the pure Italian treat, you can also go for chestnut soup with roasted Brussels sprouts, pumpkin-sage tortellini and a pecan torta with amaro crema. Top it up with stracciatella Alla Romana, cacio e Pepe pasta and spiced apple cake as dessert.

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And Before We Go…

Head onto one of these restaurants for your Thanksgiving treats with your family. The top five best restaurants featured here can be the best places to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Check out the best restaurants and holidays that stay open for the Thanksgiving day in the NYC.

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Keep an eye on this site and bookmark us for an updated information from time to time. We promise to keep you updated with all the deals and discounts along with the best Thanksgiving day restaurants in the NYC in particular and the US in general. Do stay with us and we will keep serving you with delicacies beyond doubt.

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