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The best way to keep ourselves hail and healthy is to have a delicious breakfast every day. A day is set to work only after starting a tasty and healthy breakfast. There are many places on plant which serves the best breakfast to start our day. We might sometimes not be able to taste the kinds of breakfast around different corner in our surrounding, but we’d like to taste it if we have a review of it. So here are some of the famous places for having a delicious breakfast listed below


Brennans restaurant is quite a good place to have a delicious breakfast. It is located in New Orleans, 417 Royal Street. The place is famous for its lavish breakfast. This place serves the best and healthy breakfast since 1946. It also serves sea food such as crab, shrimps, oysters, basmati rice and healthy food such as the Grilled shrimp, crispy sweet potato, Andouille Vinaigrette. Even pork Grilledes, egg over and creole spices.

Clary’s café:

Clary’s café is located at 404 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA. This café is the best place to have a homely breakfast. Clary’s café has a homely atmosphere for a breakfast. This is also the best place to serve a southern style dinner and lunch. The café has a classic taste of touch for the breakfast. Some of the famous breakfast item on Clary’s café are Stuffed French toast, The Eggs Benedict Florentine, Special creamy oatmeal, Honey pecan Waffele, and kinds of omelets.

Buffalo Grille:

The Buffalo Grille is one of the finest places to start a quick breakfast. The Buffalo Grille is located at Weslayan Plaza, Houston,  TX. The place is famous for its homely environment and surroundings. The place is famous for serving healthy food, it serves the giant pancakes and grilled bacon. It serves the best Homemade Biscuits, English Muffins and toasts and varieties of Eggs served with re fried beans and tortillas.

Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant:

It is the famous southern bar and grill restaurant which is located 500 Church St, Nashville, TN. Probably the best place to start with a healthy breakfast places near me. The place is often the oldest but the best restaurant with varieties of food for breakfast. It serves the bet slow smokes pulled pork over sweet potato pancakes, and also fried apples topped with fried egg which is served with a side of homely fries. This place also has been the amazing place with well-furnished and well-designed interior.

High Street on Market:

High Street on Market is an American cooking and an artisanal bakery. It is located at Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, PA. It provide a comforting food and serves the healthiest breakfast. This is probably the smallest area when compared to other restaurant best serves the best

food for dinner as well as for lunch and breakfast. It has an Edgy American Breakfast menu items, with rustic twist and an artisanal bakery.

Jacks Wife Freda:

Jacks Wife Freda is an interesting place with classic cocktails. Jacks Wife Freda is an amazing spot for having a healthy breakfast. It is located at Carmine St, New York, NY. It has been the popular restaurant since many years serving American breakfast dishes items with Middle Eastern influence with a classic and delightful Cocktails. Read more posts about interesting and tasty foods.

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