Top 10 Best Organic Milk Brands in the US

Top 10 Best Organic Milk Brands in the US

We can’t imagine our life without a great nutritional value product, Milk. Not only the toddlers but also grown-ups are acquiring a lot of them from it as this product is very beneficial for the both health and growth.  Now there is a high volume of established companies especially in the US, continuing their professions by assigning the organic milk brands.This country has shown a hiked up of $ 1.2 billion in the last year as this best organic milk gets a top rank by the certified organic sales of this nation.

Organic Milk Brands
Organic Milk Brands

List of top 10 Organic milk brands

Borden Milk Products

The Borden milk products are one of the best milk product brands in the USA and at the similar time all over the world. It is the American company which, is in fact, running by the Dallas. This association of popular Diva Selena Gomez has made this product the best milk to drink at any time to curb a craving. Because this brand has always maintained the quality of this product regardless of cost which the imperative reason behind the success of this branded product.

Safeway Inc

The Safeway brand is occupying the second highest supermarket position in the northern parts of the US. This organic brand of milk takes a significant position due to its high-quality production. As per the surveys, there are 1335 reputed centres are available in the central United States. The corporate centre of Safeway Inc brand is located in the state known as Pleasanton, California. Always try to add this fresh milk product in your shopping cart as the quality produced and delivered by this brand is excellent.

Organic Valley

This Organic brand is founded in 1988 which is a corporation of organic farmers. Why is this brand coming beyond the list of top ten brand names? Because as per a report, this company’s annual sales has touched a figure of approximately one billion dollars. The biggest strength of this company comprises the production of nutritional value organic milk in very effective prices.

Dean Foods

The Dean Foods are one of the prominent brands in the United States. Almost the entire US is a big fan of this the best organic milk brand because this brand has the satisfied volume of set-up and high-end plants visible in the whole United States. Because the hard-working nature of approximately 21,195 farmers, the revenue figure of this product has reached to$ 11.462 in a year.

Shamrock Farms

The Shamrock Farms is established in 1922, having the largest number of eminent dairies in the United States. This brand believes in commitments to ensuring the high-quality and authentic products. This best organic milk brand is providing the top-notch ESL (Extended Shelf Life) technology, which allows the organic milk to stay fresh and healthy.

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The Darigold is the best milk brand founded in 1918 where the hard-working farmers have embraced the top-notch technology which makes the milk pure and healthy. This organic milk brand in the USA uses flash-pasteurized which maintains the flavour of the organic milk so fresh will be utilised for a longer period when stored in a fridge.


Nestle, a well-known name in the list of best organic milk brands famous in the United States. It is one of the world’s largest milk companies which once got the 72nd rank as per a revenue statement. In 2015, the total sales revenue shown by the financial statement had a figure of approximately 88.8 billion. This rich and creamy milk produced by this 335000 number of employees are helpful to make your recipes very delicious.


The Hood is the dairy products company based in Lynnfield. It was established in 1846 by Harvey Perley Hood.  This best organic milk brands operated by approximately 4500 number of workers which raised the annual revenue of about $2.2 as per the recent research. Recently, this company’s acquisition has elevated its reach from predominantly New England to the broader USA using HP Hood.

Stonyfield Farm

Stonyfield Farm is one of the names in the list of brands of milk in the US. Gary Hirshberg, a CEO of a Stonyfield Farm has risen a revenue level at the top after ensuring a very high-quality of organic milk.

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The Horizon organic produces the pure and fresh milk by following the prescribed organic standards. This organic milk brand is feeling proud by delivering the milk which is free from the pesticides, antibiotics as well as growth hormones. This United States based company is famous by providing the low-fat milk made from this organic grade.

As the above list of the organic brands of milk, one can undoubtedly say that the UK is the world’s largest exporter of the above-mentioned organic milk brands.

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