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What Makes Spanish Food Being Named As People’s Cuisine There is no doubt that a lot is in store with the world when it comes to offering its habitants with culinary goodness. Whether it is in your locality i.e. home town or in a different state or country, you will surely get myriad of delectable […]

What Makes Spanish Food Being Named As People’s Cuisine

There is no doubt that a lot is in store with the world when it comes to offering its habitants with culinary goodness. Whether it is in your locality i.e. home town or in a different state or country, you will surely get myriad of delectable food making you beg for some more. One among this list of most preferred cuisines is Spanish food. “Spanish food near me” has become the most searched keyword on Google these days and the same has given Spanish food name “People’s cuisine”. Mainly it is the ingredients used to prepare delicacies in this range which makes it popular.

Why led to each region in Spanish having their own dishes?

When seeking for Spanish food near me, you will get to know that every region of this country has their own signature dishes different from those offered by others. This is so because until the latter half of the 20th century, it was not so easy travelling from one region of the country to the other. Areas were mostly covered with sloppy mountains. This ultimately led the habitants to concoct recipes of their own which are now recognized as Spanish cuisine altogether. Even till date, there are certain recipes cooked in the traditional manner while few are influenced by other cultures like America. Despite of all these, Spanish food will remain always delicious and tasty food.

Enjoy Hearty offerings

Just alike the country, its cuisine is flavorful and varied. It is not at all pretentious by nature and possesses a style free from any influence from other countries. When ordering Spanish food, you can be sure of hearty and rustic offerings rather than ostentatious offerings. The best part of Spanish food is that they highly feature vegetables and wine. You might not know but Spanish people are known to the world for their passion for cooking and the same is reflected from the delicacies they offer. As you are searching for Spanish food near me, you need to know something more after the food itself before placing an order.

Importance of Vegetable and meat in Spanish food

Spanish food because of the use of vegetables is referred as hearty. The use of vegetables however differs from one region of the country to the other. Mostly vegetables are thoroughly cooked while boiling or steaming them is considered an exception in Spain. In certain cases, they are slightly sautéed with some water which prevent them from burning. Though this might not be looked upon as a healthy way of preparing vegetables but it is what you call traditional Spanish style of cooking which is still in use. However it is not just vegetables that all you have in Spanish food. They also serve you with meats. Iberian ham is one of the popular selections in the range if meats. Also Spanish cheese is gaining popularity in the world of gourmet.

Characteristics of Spanish food

You might have heard about the popularity and taste of Spanish food from your friend but are unaware of its characteristics when searching for Spanish food near me. Here are some unique characteristics which describes Spanish cuisines best:

  1. Use of Olive oil: Mostly Spanish dishes are made from olive oil. This is because people in this country believe that olive oil has numerous health benefits compared to corn or vegetable oil. This belief is scientifically proven true. Hence you needs not have to worry about the health effect of having Spanish cuisines.
  2. Mediterranean roots: Spanish dishes from most part of the country are popular for having Mediterranean roots. It simply means that most dishes will make you feel like having seafood for their ingredients. Paella is a good example of this type.
  3. Spanish food seems similar to Mexican but is different in real sense: Most people are found mistaking Spanish cuisines for the Mexican ones however they are different from each other in particular. For example, you might be expecting to be served with bread for your dishes but say you ordered tortillas, then you will be served with omelet in Spain.
  4. Tapas: Spanish food is mostly about tapas. The food which is prepared here is usually meant for large groups unlike serving only one person.
  5. Large variety of food to explore: As mentioned earlier, Spanish food differs from region to region. Hence altogether you have a lot of dishes to soothe your carvings for Spanish cuisines. While the Northern regions often rely on chicken and meat in their food menu, foods available in the southern part are mostly about shellfish and different seafood.

Popular Spanish dishes

Now that you are aware of the characteristics, you need to know about the most popular dishes that you can order when looking for Spanish food near me. Here are some dishes you will surely find enticing:

  • Gazpacho: It is a type of vegetable soup which is made from stale bread, olive oil and garlic. At time bell paper and tomato are also added. It is served both hot and cold. While the cold variant is known as Gazpacho, the hot one is known as gazpacho manchego and includes rabbit meat and mushrooms. Hence the hot variant is more a stew than a soup.
  • Paella: It is typically a rice mix and the most important of all Spanish dishes. Prepared by mixing rice, olive oil and saffron, it is sometime garnishes with vegetables or meat. When searching for Spanish food near me, do make sure that the restaurant you have selected offers this.
  • Jamon Serrano: It is a ham dish which is made by curing the dry meat.
  • Chorizo: A sausage prepared by mashing evenly pork fat and adding paprika and chilies to it. Again you have two different varieties of this sausage. While one is sweet, the other is spicy. Also you can have it either cold or hot though primarily it is served cold. Though mostly used as an ingredient for Spanish dishes, Chorizo is also eaten raw.
  • FabadaAsturiana: it is a popular Spanish bean stew containing chorizo, pork and morcillot. Sometime it is seasoned with saffron.
  • Olla Podrida: A thick stew prepared from pimentos, onions, tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Tortilla de patatas: It is an omelet carefully laced using smashed potatoes seasoned with onions.
  • Calamares: It is a squid dish fried deep using olive oil

Final say

Make sure that you taste these dishes as searching for the best restaurant offering Spanish food near me. However before placing an order, do consider the price and reviews of the restaurant you have selected to avoid being fooled.

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