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Thai food near me –  A harmony of exotic flavors and myriads of unique ingredients Like every other South-Asian cuisine, Thai cuisine has its own specialties. The art of balancing the variety of ingredients and at the same time adding details in it, is what makes Thai food so special and unique. The various historical […]

Thai food near me –  A harmony of exotic flavors and myriads of unique ingredients

Like every other South-Asian cuisine, Thai cuisine has its own specialties. The art of balancing the variety of ingredients and at the same time adding details in it, is what makes Thai food so special and unique. The various historical and cultural influences on the country of Thailand and the presence of as many as 40 different ethnic groups within its territories have brought about a number of variations in Thai food near me. Those who recognize Thai food by the use of herbs, lemon grass and coconut milk, must get to know that Thai food is not all about these ingredients but a variety of herbs and spices which are not found or rarely found in the West. So, it is time to know about the various aspects of Thai cuisine.

A proper blend of a variety of ingredients

That Thai food is one of the most coveted international cuisines is because of the use of a variety of unique ingredients which add exotic flavors into it. Along with the use of these ingredients – what is more important – is the proper balance and harmony of the ingredients which makes them all the more delicious. The main ingredients used in Thai food are:

  • The use of rice, noodles and starches is very common in Thai cuisine. In Thailand, like most other South-Asian and Southeast-Asian countries, rice is a staple grain. This explains the use of rice in most of the Thai food near me. There are different types of rice found in Thailand. The famous sticky rice, which is a unique variety of staple grain used in the cuisines of Isan and northern Thailand, has a peculiar balance of the starches giving it a sticky texture after being cooked. A variety of the sticky rice is the black sticky rice which has a deep purple-red color. The red cargo rice is another variety of rice which is reddish brown in color and has long grains. Apart from rice, noodles made from rice flour and wheat flour are also used in Thai cuisines.
  • The use of various kinds of sauces and pastes gives Thai food a unique flavor and fragrance. The aromatic fish sauce which has a clear texture is used in a variety of Thai cuisines found in different regions of Thailand. This is made from fermented fish and it is known to provide a salty flavor. A paste made from fermented shrimps is also a very popular ingredient of Thai cuisine which adds an exotic essence to the food. Apart from these a chili paste known as namphrikkapi, a sauce made from the innards of mackerel known as tai pla and a paste made from boiled crabs are other famous sauces and pastes are widely used in many Thai cuisines.
  • The use of fruits and nuts is very common in many dishes of Thailand. Many fruits which are not found in the West and which are typical to Southeast Asia food are used in Thai food which acts as another agent in bringing the exotic taste and essence in it. Fruits like papaya, durian, jackfruit, mango, Burmese grape pomelo, langsat, rose apples, pineapples and other fruits which are native to the country are widely used. The use of peanuts and coconuts is also a common trait of Thai food delivery near me. Coconut is used to extract coconut milk, which is used to make desserts especially.
  • The use of fresh herbs and a variety of spices gives a character to Thai cuisines. The reason why the use of herbs makes Thai cuisine much coveted in the international culinary market is the use of fresh herbs instead of dried herbs. These provides an exotic aroma and flavor to the cuisines peculiar to Thai culture.

Tom yunggoong – the spicy shrimp soup

The blend of the aromatic lemon grass, lime leaves, shallots, chili, fish sauce, galangal and lime juice adds a typical Thai flavor to shrimps and straw mushrooms which comprise the solid body of this spicy shrimp soup. This Thai dish goes with any meal and apart from its fragrance, it is known for its versatility.

Som tum – papaya salad

This spicy green papaya salad is a specialty of the northeastern region of Isan in Thailand. This is a famous Thai food which is the favorite of people from across the world. Cherry tomatoes, garlic, green beans, chilies, and shredded papaya (raw) are smashed and mixed to make this spicy salad which is sweet and sour to taste.

Tom kha kai–sliced chicken in coconut soup

Although it is spicy dish containing crushed shallots, sliced galangals, red chilies and lemongrass, the addition of coconut milk gives it a mild taste and a sweet fragrance. The combination of succulent chicken slices with coconut milk gives this iconic soup a unique and delicious flavor.

Fried noodles and fried rice

Like all other Southeast Asian food, a variety of dishes with rice and noodles as their bases are found in Thailand. Pad Thai is a cuisine of fried noodles which is prepared with onion, egg and beansprouts. But the real fun lies in having the noodles with the condiments – chili powder, ground peanuts, sugar and fish sauce – which are served along with it. This is so popular that it is available in most of the restaurants serving Thai food all over the world.

The Khao pad or the Thai style fried rice is another simply prepared but delicious food containing rice, onion, egg and some herbs. The simplicity of the recipe and the few ingredients used provides a lot of room for the eater to dress it according to her choice. The addition of basil, chili, and other vegetables by the eater and accompanying it with chicken and prawn can make it a versatile dish.


This dish, popularly known as the red curry to the foreigners, is a curry prepared from meat, red curry paste and coconut milk with the aromatic toppings of sliced leaves of kaffir lime. This not only satisfies your taste buds but also your auditory and olfactory faculties with its bright red color and the sweet aroma.

The fusion of a various cultures has happened in this wonderland called Thailand as people from many parts of the world like India, China, Portugal, Spain and many other lands had visited or settled in many parts of Thailand in the past. The influence of various cultures and religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism has further helped Thai food evolve with time. These interactions of the various ethnic groups within and from outside the territories of Thailand have resulted in the development of a rich Thai cuisine which has gained great popularity across the globe in the modern era.

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