Top 10 Foods To Eat In NYC

Top 10 Foods To Eat In NYC

New York – the iconic city in the United States. The food too is bound to be ironic here. Are you looking for the best New York Food? We present you the list of the top picks for the Best Foods to Eat in NYC. Moreover, we promise that the listing will sure be iconic as well. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the salivating journey through the best American treats with us.

foods to eat in NYC

The Best Foods to Eat in NYC

New York has got the best for everyone. Right from those who are diet conscious to those who love savory staples, we have everything meant for everyone here. Our list consists of the top 10 Foods to Eat in NYC that must be tried by every tourist and native of this iconic city.

#10. Cheeseburger

This is what we feel is true to America. Supposed to be coming into existence sometime in the 19th century, Cheeseburger is on the list of menu famous New York restaurants.

In fact, it can be rightly considered to be the next stage of the Hamburger. It has been assumed that almost 50 billion Cheeseburgers are consumed on a daily basis in the whole of America, making it one of the staple diets of the world’s greatest economy.

#9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

If you are an American or someone living in the US for a long enough time, you will swear by the name of Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It has been considered to be the next thing to breathing in NYC.

The diet is as old as the Americans are. There are no profound sources to indicate the exact origins of one of the most popular foods to eat in NYC. A research by the National Peanut Board has suggested that a child would have eaten over 1500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the time he reaches his graduation! That should be the proof enough for the popularity of the food. It is one the best foods in New York by any standard.

#8. Tacos

A great food that has its origins in Mexico, Tacos essentially consists of wheat tortilla with a huge variety of fillings.The initial Tacos were filled with vegetables, lettuce and ground meat. However, the fillings have undergone a huge change over the years and it has now gone contemporary. Great restaurants in NYC have devised their own filling combinations with a view to making their Tacos unique in their own right.

#7. Cheesecake

Trendy restaurants in NYC have this item invariably on their menu. Cheesecake is one of the hottest selling dessert items in the New York City.
Cheesecake has the best of both worlds – cheese and cake. That would make it one of the best options when it comes to a great tasting dessert. Made of three layers, it consists of a bottom layer of biscuit, cream cheese and ricotta in the middle and then topped up with fruit sauce. The cheesecakes in New York have their own inimitable style of special flavor by virtue of the sour cream used.

#6. Pastrami Sandwich

Pastrami has its origins in Europe, thus making it not quite native to the Americas. However, the introduction of Pastrami into the US has been credited to Sussman Volk.

Around 1887, Volk served Pastrami on a bread slice made from rye and then topped it up with mustard sauce. The menu became an instant hit and then there was no looking back for the recipe. Pastrami is essentially beef infused with herbs and spices smoked and steamed before serving. The food has gained a name for itself and is treated to be the New York Signature Sandwich.

#5. Hot Dogs

You can consider it to be the modified sandwiches type. In fact, it has been one of the popular staple diets for most of the Americans.

Hailing from Germany, Hot dogs made their entry into the Americas in 1871. The credit goes to the Charles Feltman who was a German butcher for introducing it the Americans. Hot dog essentially is made from a long split bun that is stuffed with sausage.The sausage is topped with mustard and ketchup. There are some cool restaurants in NYC that use onions, jalapeños, and other ingredients as condiments.

#4. Fried chicken

Fried Chicken may not be special for the New York City, but has got itself interwoven within the American diaspora. The crispy and greasy dish has been one of the best foods to eat in NYC. There are no restaurants near you that do not serve Fried Chicken.

The recipe has gone through several variations – thanks to the indulgence in fried up delights. You can head over to the numerous fried chicken joints in the New York city that can cater to your taste buds. Fried chicken has indeed been the hot favorite for the food lovers in NYC. You can definitely treat it to be one of the trendy things to eat in New York.

#3. Doughnut

As the name itself suggests, Doughnut is the flour dough baked in the form of a ring. Then it is topped up with a sugar glaze (or any other syrups to sweeten it) and fruit sauces.

However, Doughnuts (they are also known by the name Donuts) are not the original foods for the New Yorkers. In fact, the Dutch settlers introduced it to the US. It could have entered into the US in the 17th century. The food has been so popular that it has a day in its honor – the National Doughnut Day.

#2. Buffalo wings

One of the most popular diets in the US, and especially in the New York – Buffalo Wings have carved a name for themselves. There are mysteries surrounding its origins, but eating out in New York cannot be complete without consuming Buffalo wings.

Possibly introduced into the Americas in the 1970s, Buffalo wings have now grown popular enough. In fact, it has become one of the essential food to try in NYC. There are estimates that conclude that over 13.5 billion Chicken Wings sold over the year.

#1. Pizza

And the first place in our listing goes to… well, you guessed it right, Pizza! It has been an all-time favorite for the New Yorkers over the years.

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In fact, if we do not include Pizza in our top 10 list for the best foods to eat in NYC, the top picks would remain incomplete. Originally “invented” by the Italians, Pizza has grown a hot favorite for the world over. New York Pizza has a special feature to it to make it unique. It is hand tossed and thin-crusted variety. In fact, New York Pizza is one of its kind and probably nothing can beat it out of its place of honor.

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And the list goes on….

Well, we set out to make a list of best foods to eat in NYC and set a target of top ten recipes. However, the list does not end here. In fact, there is probably much more to New York than just those top 10 picks we have listed. However, your New York trip would be incomplete without tasting – at least, so to say – these ten recipes.

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Liked the list? Keep visiting us for more such informative tidbits on foods – We cater to the foodie in you with a sumptuous meal of everything about food and their counterparts.

Enjoy Your New York Trip….!

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